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Our Edge

Our edge is simple: Our product is our service. We are highly focused on our core business of break-fix hardware maintenance. While offering proven capabilities that reach into every aspect of data center operations and consultation, we remain dedicated to surpassing our own standards for high-availability and SLA-driven service delivery.

Client Service

Our staff is known for going above and beyond expectations and our history of long-term relationships with our clients speaks volumes about the quality of our services. You deserve that we be as dedicated to your needs as are your own employees, therefore we frequently act as an extension of our clients’ IT department and ensure that they have reliable systems with minimal downtime.


Years of Experience

SSCS has a well-developed, agile service model that harnesses the core skills and commitment of our highly experienced IT staff, further enhanced by the considerable resources of our global service partner network. Our superior organizational structure gives our global pool of experts the capability to service complex, international enterprise IT clients, while providing native language fluency and knowledge of local customs. An integral element of our service delivery is an extensive logistical ability. This ensures that we meet our clients’ needs with services of the highest quality, consistently exceeding SLA expectations.


We instill a strong sense of accountability and responsiveness in our technical staff and representatives that ensures the quickest path to resolution for our clients. We have a “fix first, ask questions later” policy so that no call goes unanswered – we simply do not say “no.”

We study our clients’ operations so that there are few, if any, operational uncertainties. We ask a series of questions designed to provide a smooth transition to our services, and we accept the answers and adapt accordingly. Our methods allow us to be sensitive to our clients’ needs while keeping our internal costs optimized. We develop flexible strategies, so that we remain consistently dependable in an inconsistent world.

Great Value

Great Value

By refining each aspect of service delivery, we earned a reputation for our commitment to excellence and for reducing our clients’ expenses. In many scenarios, we are able to reduce maintenance spend by 50% over the OEM charges and when you consider the other areas that we reduce expense, this figure can go quite a bit higher. But lower cost is only one component of value. There is also ease of administration, contractual convenience, certainty of delivery, and the ability to sustain the relationship for years to come.

Everything we do as a company is geared towards exceeding our clients’ expectations for quality service and added value. We take great pride in our premium support and the long-term relationships that have resulted from our efforts.


Ease of ticketing, improved communications, and streamlined processes account for our competitive advantage in rapid response times. Additionally, our clients regularly benefit from fewer service escalations because of the detail and extra effort we put into pre-planning our transition projects. This results directly in improved performance metrics and reduced cost structures, which, in turn, help account for our solid record of building long and healthy client/provider relationships.

With over 27 years of experience, we have the best reputation in the industry. We provide service to a growing list of well-known companies, some have entrusted their infrastructure to us for over fifteen years.

Global Reach

Global Reach - London

We dramatically expanded our reach over the past decade in order to service our clients wherever they are today, and may be tomorrow.

Our goal is to provide a maintenance service program that retains the familiarity and dependability of local attention while offering all the advantages of global coverage. We accomplish this by offering a single point of contact for your IT service needs, but more importantly, by fostering local relationships between our staff and yours. We developed communication methods and service request mechanisms that are unique in the maintenance and IT services industry.

Our Locations

Our global locations mean we're never far away. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our local represenatives visit us here for a complete listing.