Pre-Contract Third-Party Hardware Maintenance Assessment

Meeting The Challenges of IT Hardware Maintenance Costs

Budget Challenges & Innovation

IT professionals are under increasing pressure to control their budget. Rising support costs from the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) adds to that pressure. The ability to focus on new projects is limited because so much of the budget is allotted for expensive OEM support. Compounding the problem, many financial leaders are slashing operational and capital budgets. This situation can create a difficult relationship between enterprise IT and the OEMs.

In contrast Third Party Maintenance (TPM) companies can be a valuable ally to corporate IT. TPMs focus on the hardware maintenance industry and offer cost reducing programs. This provides IT leader’s flexibility in their budget and the ability to implement projects

The Pressure To Refresh Is Gone

The OEMs business model is based on a regular and constant cycle of product refresh and coerces business into buying the latest technology whether they need it or not. Moore’s Law states that capacity and speeds double every 18 months, but that no longer applies.

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