SSCS Corporate Sustainability

SSCS Corporate Sustainability

As a global third party maintenance providers operating in nearly 100 countries around the world, we have a great opportunity to impact the lives of thousands, and do our part to leave the world a better place for future generations. We’re serious about our commitment to doing just that through our Corporate Sustainability Program. Our sustainability platform is built around our four pillars:

  • Sustainability in SSCS Operations
  • Sustainability in SSCS Services
  • Our People
  • Social Responsibility

Sustainability in SSCS Operations

We are keenly focused on how our facilities and operations affect our shared environment. Just as we are building value for clients through world-class services, we continually seek to enhance our organizational efficiencies and reduce SSCS’s own global footprint across the enterprise. Every day, we walk the sustainability talk.

Information Technology

SSCS employs a technology enabled workforce and takes advantage of a series of software accelerators focused on streamlining and automating service delivery and improving touch point interactions throughout the entire client lifecycle. Our systems, which includes our proprietary platforms have been rolled out and enable employees to access and manage client accounts from any were in the world.

Web Tools

We’ve launched enhancements to several our other software platforms, including our, Accounting and CRM systems, resource management systems, and analytical reporting tools. Our use of technology has positioned us as more agile and efficient than ever before.Our IT Operations group also increased our videoconference capabilities deployed to the desktop of every employee in the company.


Our business-to-business marketing practices continue to be compliant with the ICC International Code of Advertising where applicable, as it relates to advertising and marketing communication in its entirety. This includes:

  • Responsible messaging (i.e., legal, decent, honest and truthful) defined for the appropriate targeted audiences
  • Sourced technical data and statistics that are substantiated and include our brand name, value proposition, and contact information
  • An established review process by corporate marketing, legal, internal subject-matter-experts, and executive management for ensuring we represent ourselves appropriately and with goodwill
  • Application for and ongoing maintenance and documentation of company trademarks that are properly applied for and managed by our corporate marketing and legal departments through the US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Copyrighting of all marketing communications on the company website, which includes industry expert articles/white papers and sustainability processes
  • The truthful depiction of safety and health practices in images (e.g., of SSCS employees in action) used for marketing communications
  • Adhering to our data privacy protection policy, which discloses data collection methods (i.e., data collected automatically, “cookie,” volunteered information) and is posted on our web site.

Sustainability in SSCS Services

We’ve built a strong reputation by continually striving to improve our client service offerings through our commitment to health, safety, security and the environment. SSCS has developed a robust program designed to provide for the health, security and safety of our people. Our employees receive specialized training and certifications routinely to ensure that threats to their health, safety and security are thwarted or avoid.

Recycle Program

We are committed to the environment through our responsible recycling program. Our business often requires the disposal of waste products, we employ practices to ethically and legally dispose of waste through recycling programs. We have our own internal recycling programs to refurbish or reuse parts, extending their use and reducing the impact to the environment.

Our People

SSCS is committed to our employees. We work as One Team across the globe, with operations in nearly 100 countries. We embrace the cultural and ethnic differences that make up our many employees, their diversity and that of the clients we support.

Our people engage in community development locally, nationally and internationally. Many of these are the direct result of employee initiatives. SSCS supports the charitable giving of its employees and strives to be an active participant in the diverse communities in which we operate.

Diversity is an integral part of our past, present, and future success — and directly impacts the services we provide clients. We strive to create an environment in which all employees feel valued and can contribute to their fullest potential. Our pledge to diversity and inclusion encompasses our commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. We won’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, creed, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, marital or veteran status, or any other protected status covered by law.

Founded on the company’s core values of respect, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and excellence, SSCS recognizes diversity and inclusion, and how we treat each other, which provides distinct business advantages. In an increasingly global marketplace it’s critically important the rich experiences, backgrounds, and skills of our employee population are fully embraced to help us meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Social Responsibility

Our people continue to be the driving force behind everything we do. We take tremendous pride in our skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Spanning our wide array of service solutions in a diverse set of markets, we firmly believe that our rich diversity of expertise and experience is unmatched anywhere.

As a good corporate citizen, we work hard to minimize our impact on the Earth through our internal departments as well as our supply chain. We expect and require our partners and suppliers to live up to our standards that we proactively monitor and enforce to prevent modern slavery, uphold the environment, and provide for the safety and health of the people on our planet.

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Our Locations

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